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Brain & Body Nutrition Workshop

Enhance your mental and physical health through the essentials of nutrition

Join the workshop and you'll receive: 

6 Expert-led Sessions
$600 value

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Ampelis App Subscription
$49 value

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Nutrition Workbook
$59 value
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Secure your spot for $347!

Time & Location

August 6th, 2024 - September 10th, 2024
Workshops are held weekly on Tuesdays via Zoom from 7:30 - 8:30 PM MST

All sessions are recorded and posted on the app for viewing by those who need to miss a live session.

What You Will Learn

August 6th:
Circadian Rhythm & The 1% Mindset

Increase your daily energy, emotional stability, and mental focus through improving your sleep habits.

August 13th:
Your Gut, Liver & Brain Connection

Improve your mental clarity and reduce disease by prioritizing diverse food and understanding the impact of ingredients. 

August 20th:
Macronutrients & Meal Planning

Build your food foundation to experience your best mind, body, and simplify your mealtime routines.

August 27th:
Micronutrients & Supplements

Experience JOY in a food style that brings longevity and discover how to fill in the gaps with the right supplements.

September 3rd:
Exercise & Energy

Become anti-fragile and discover what you can add to your daily movement to have more energy and strength!

September 10th:
Enjoying Higher Health

Increase the impact of your efforts as you partner with a higher-power and incorporate meaningful action in all areas of your health - mental, physical, intellectual, and spiritual.

This workshop is for individuals who are:
  • Ready to Improve Mental Wellbeing: Start your journey towards better mental and physical health with foundational guidance that supports emotional stability and mental clarity.

  • Curious About Nutritional Benefits: Discover how proper nutrition can boost your mood, reduce anxiety, and enhance overall mental wellness.

  • Searching for Energy Boosts: Learn dietary strategies to increase your energy levels, combat fatigue and uplift your spirits.

  • Overwhelmed by Contradictory Information: Navigate the confusing landscape of nutrition advice with clarity, focusing on mental health benefits and emotional balance.

  • Struggling with Food Cravings: Break the cycle of unhealthy eating patterns, reducing emotional eating and cravings for better mental health.

  • Unsure About Health Principles: Understand complex health concepts like macros in a simplified way to reduce overwhelm and enhance mental well-being.

  • Experiencing Post-Meal Fatigue and Brain Fog: Address the root causes of fatigue and brain fog after eating, leading to clearer thinking and better emotional regulation.

  • Excited to Optimize Nutrition: Enhance your current good habits with new nutritional insights to improve both mental and physical health.

  • Aiming for Longevity and Activity: Learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle that supports long-term mental and emotional health, helping you stay active and vibrant.

Meet Your Facilitator

Tanna Fox
Owner and Founder of
Live Right Nutrition

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Why Ampelis

Ampelis exists to enable improvement that lasts! Societal trends are pulling us away from evidence-based sources of confidence, connection, joy, and purpose (what Ampelis calls "meaning"). Recognizing that our physical health, mental health, spirituality, and the quality of our relationships are all connected, we offer support in each of those areas to help our clients to truly thrive in life. 


Through our network of integrative mental wellness clinics and our virtual offerings, we meet clients wherever they are on the continuum from mental illness to flourishing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Our team is comprised of experts in positive psychology, psychiatry, marriage and family therapy, mindfulness and meditation, and organizational behavior. We have partnered with Tanna Fox, an International Sports Science Certified Nutritionist, and soon-to-be Master Level Nutritionist, to create this workshop series.

Our ongoing work is to organize the best of emerging behavioral science, clinical practice, and wisdom into simple, memorable, and actionable frameworks to help you make changes that last — specifically to live with more joy and meaning.


In all of this work, there is no denying the essential role of nutrition and physical health in pursuit of greater joy, confidence, and love in our lives. 


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Do I have to use the Ampelis app?
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