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The Meaningful Life Nutrition Workshop

Experience lasting change in mind and body through creating your personal foundation of health 

Join the workshop and you'll receive: 

6 Expert-led Sessions
$600 value

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Ampelis App Subscription
$49 value

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Nutrition Workbook
$59 value
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Secure your spot for $347!

Time & Location

April 30th, 2024 - June 4th, 2024

Workshops are held weekly on Tuesdays via Zoom from 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM MDT

All sessions are recorded and posted on the app for viewing by those who need to miss a live session.

What You Will Learn

April 30th:
Circadian Rhythm

Increase your daily energy.

May 7th:
Gut & Liver

Improve your mental health and disease prevention. 

May 14th:

Build your food foundation to experience your best body.

May 21st:
Micronutrients & Supplementation

Experience JOY in a food style that brings longevity.

May 28th:

Become anti-fragile.

June 4th:

Increase the effectiveness of your health knowledge and experience grace through the power of consistency.

This workshop is for individuals who:
  • Are searching for ways to increase their energy

  • Feel discouraged by the amount of contrasting information they see on social media about supplements, mixes, and foods to add or take away from their diet

  • Find themselves falling into the same patterns with food cravings and want to know how to break the cycle

  • Have heard of health principles like macros but feel overwhelmed on where to begin

  • Experience fatigue, brain fog, and other mental and physical symptoms after eating

  • Are simply excited to optimize their nutrition and add to the good habits they already have

  • Want to live their healthiest, longest, and physically active life

Meet Your Facilitator

Tanna Fox
Owner and Founder of
Live Right Nutrition

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Why Ampelis

Ampelis exists to enable improvement that lasts! Societal trends are pulling us away from evidence-based sources of confidence, connection, joy, and purpose (what Ampelis calls "meaning"). Recognizing that our physical health, mental health, spirituality, and the quality of our relationships are all connected, we offer support in each of those areas to help our clients to truly thrive in life. 


Through our network of integrative mental wellness clinics and our virtual offerings, we meet clients wherever they are on the continuum from mental illness to flourishing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Our team is comprised of experts in positive psychology, psychiatry, marriage and family therapy, mindfulness and meditation, and organizational behavior. We have partnered with Tanna Fox, an International Sports Science Certified Nutritionist, and soon-to-be Master Level Nutritionist, to create this workshop series.

Our ongoing work is to organize the best of emerging behavioral science, clinical practice, and wisdom into simple, memorable, and actionable frameworks to help you make changes that last — specifically to live with more joy and meaning.


In all of this work, there is no denying the essential role of nutrition and physical health in pursuit of greater joy, confidence, and love in our lives. 


Do I have to watch live? What if I miss a session?
Do I have to use the Ampelis app?
How is this different from nutrition or health coaching? 
Do I have to join workshop sessions from a laptop or computer?
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