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Women's Mindfulness Workshop

Go from survive to thrive with the power of mindfulness.

“The things that I learned about how my mind works, and things that I can do to help my mind work for me and not against me have been life-changing!”

- Chelsie Campbell

Join Jesika Harmon (certified meditation teacher) and Kim Stoddard (certified positive psychology coach), who are wives and mothers and have taught hundreds of women who are overwhelmed by life’s challenges how to use Christian-based meditation and mindfulness tools so they can respond with confidence and clarity to whatever they face.

Jesika Harmon

Kim Stoddard

When you sign up for the workshop, you’ll get a seat to 6 live workshop sessions, a physical workbook, and an invitation to a community of like-minded women who will learn, practice, and live these principles alongside you!


Jesika and Kim understand what it’s like to have desires and want to make necessary changes in life but are unsure where to start. They’ve experienced the ups, downs, self-criticism, and mental fatigue that comes with having desires to make changes and improvements but not knowing where to start.


Developing mindfulness tools has been the key to making those desired changes! They teach women, from a solid base of personal experience backed by science, how to experience:

  • Greater acceptance and self-love

  • Grace to handle whatever life throws at you

  • Awareness of how to manage thoughts, feelings, and emotions

  • The power of breath, mantras, and visualization

  • Letting go of the anxiety you experience by trying to predict, manage, or avoid what might happen in the future

  • And more!

Ampelis believes that every woman needs the tools and experiences offered in this Mindfulness Workshop, not just to improve her life, but to experience the peace, clarity, and joy that life is meant to offer no matter your circumstances.

This is for you if:

  • You want to have more control over your thoughts, emotions, and responses to life’s challenges

  • You need to create habits that will help you take control of your life

  • You have too much information and ideas about how to do all of this and it feels overwhelming

  • You’re tired of feeling like you’re no where you want to be in life - body, emotions, or presence with others

  • You wish there was a better way to embrace where you are while also making progress toward where you want to be


It’s time to stop feeling stuck and start using tools & techniques that you can do on a daily basis from wherever you are.

Join the Women’s Mindfulness Workshop, and you’ll receive: 


Go through 6 live sessions of instruction, guided meditations, and connect with your instructors and other women

Ampelis App

Access to all the workshop recordings, slides, community chat, guided meditations, and connect with Jesika and Kim


Guide and enhance your learning in the workshop with additional exercises & resources

The Collective

Opportunity to join the Women's Collective and get additional monthly guided meditations and quarterly masterclasses

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Time & Location

Feb 06, 2024  – Mar 12, 2024

All workshops will be delivered via Zoom from 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM MDT 

Session Schedule

Feb 6th:


Noticing what is happening in your mind and body during difficult situations.

Feb 13th:


Developing the #1 tool to go from your “fight or flight” into your “rest and reset.”

Feb 20th:

Affirmations & Mantras

Learning how to choose and practice positive and productive thoughts.

Feb 27th:

Self Compassion

Understanding how self-pity and shame sabotage your progress.

March 5th:


Creating a vision for what you want to have happen in your life. 

March 12th


Applying the best and easiest way to have abundance in your life. 


  1. Do I have to attend live? A workshop is unique because we practice what we are learning hands-on. It’s different from a course or a webinar where you just sit back and watch someone else do it. Because of this teaching style and engagement, we see women applying what they learn more quickly as they get live support and practice. We highly recommend you prioritize attending live, but understand that life gets in the way, and if you have to watch the recording, that’s okay! 

  2. Do I have to download the app? Yes! The Ampelis app strengthens your ability to apply what you learn in the workshops. Your instructors will communicate with you through the app, and know you will experience the joy of having a space to access the meditations, prompts, and workshop community as you go.

  3. Why does it cost $279? Here is a cost breakdown of everything that is included in the workshop: 6 Live classes = $1200+ value. Guided meditations = $1500+ value. 8 weeks of access to the Ampelis App = $50 value. Workbook = $30 value. Community of women = Priceless!

  4. Where are the Christian-based principles sourced from? This workshop teaches mindfulness principles that rely on Jesus Christ as the source. The lessons include quotes from thought leaders of different faith backgrounds, as well as scriptures that support the teachings of Jesus Christ. Additionally, we teach the scientific research to support each mindfulness topic to help the students understand the mind, body and soul connection. 

  5. Do I have to join from a laptop? We recommend this for an optimal experience, but we want you to join however you can! We do some learning in break-out rooms, so you are good to go as long as you can engage in those! 

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