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Optimizing Human Performance

"Doing deals doesn’t yield the deep rewards that come from building up people." - Clayton Christensen

Companies that cultivate meaning and happiness in the workforce achieve superior financial outcomes.
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87% of executive leaders believe that happiness in the workplace can be a competitive advantage, however, only 33% say that their company identifies the wellbeing and happiness of team members as a priority. Further, less than half of those report that their company has a plan in place to address it. Recent research from Harvard University and Oxford University demonstrates that companies whose workforce scores well on indicators of happiness, satisfaction, purpose, and stress materially outperform the S&P 500 index (by 115% over a five-year period and 57% over a 10-year period). 

Ampelis combines the effectiveness of 1x1 coaching with the reach of group instruction and culture initiatives to deliver impact at a price that is accessible. Services are bundled into a nine-month program that includes:

  • Assessments centered on the Ampelis Key Meaning Indicators (KMIs) (c)

  • Group instruction on evidence-based principles of happiness and resilience

  • 1x1 coaching to provide personalized implementation support, encouragement, and accountability

  • Ampelis Coaching App to facilitate content delivery and implementation from group sessions and 1x1 coaching

  • Quarterly management reviews to monitor progress and establish group-wide priorities

9-month Package

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Price: $395 / person / month

(volume discounts available)

Customized quotes will be provided by an Ampelis team member. Volume discounts will be considered for groups with 50 participants or greater. Minimum group size is 15.


Price: $395 / person / month

Values Discovery & Implementation

Values Framework.png

"Values initiatives have nothing to do with building consensus—they’re about imposing a set of fundamental, strategically sound beliefs on a broad group of people." - Patrick Lencioni

Values are principles or attributes that represent the identity, beliefs, and behavioral expectations of an organization or team. A value should be described with an unambiguous list of behaviors that make it clear when a person is functioning in a manner consistent with the value.

Ampelis has developed a model to help you discover and define your values in a way that makes them relevant and useful. We will guide you through a process that will result in increased focus on and conviction about what matters most to you as an organization or team. You will learn how to integrate your values into everything you do, making them tangible, memorable, and impactful.


The clarity that results from this process will help you attract the right people, retain them for a long time, and bring the best out of them. Decision-making will be simplified and your culture will be more intentional.

Values Discovery & Implementation

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Price: Custom

Customized quotes will be provided by an Ampelis team member. Pricing will depend on the desired scope which may include (1) an organizational survey, (2) leadership offsites, (3) focus groups, (4) drafting of documents, and (5) implementation support.


Price: Custom

1x1 Coaching 

"Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."     - John Wooden

Whether you are a high-performing athlete, an executive, a new manager, or an entry-level worker, all of us benefit from having someone in our corner whose sole objective is our growth and progress. Each Ampelis coach is certified and follows an evidence-based model for behavior change that is rooted in principles of positive psychology. All coaching interactions will follow our Vision-Focus-Action (VFA) Coaching Model to consistently generate progress. We believe in a strengths-based approach to change that promotes mindsets, lifestyle choices, and behaviors that develop mental and emotional strength as opposed to focusing exclusively on addressing deficiencies that lead to mental and emotional fragility.

Action-oriented coaching that gets results,

right from your phone. 

Utilizing the Ampelis Coaching App, coaches can support you and your teammates with video interactions, content delivery, and customized programming to provide support specific to the goals and circumstances of each participant.

Intake assessment and AI-supported recommendations to find the right coach. 

Finding the right coach is critical. Based on the background and goals of each client, we will identify and recommend a certified Ampelis coach uniquely positioned to help every client thrive. Because it is essential that our clients find a coach they can connect with deeply, we will leverage the power of AI to identify patterns and common connections to inform human judgement in suggesting the right pairings. 

3-Month Package

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Price: $200 / 50-minute session

(inquire about group discounts)

Meet with a certified Ampelis coach 2x each month for 3 months (6 sessions) to create clarity and action. Discounts are available for groups of 10 people or more.


Price: $200 / 50-minute session

(3-month total = $1,200)

Vision Creation: The Vision Letter

"Where there is no vision, the people perish.- Proverbs 29:18

Taking time to visualize and write about the future we hope for and the steps required to achieve it, increases the likelihood of realizing the lives we dream about. Without this kind of clarity, we simply take what life gives us rather than creating the life we hope for. The Ampelis Vision Letter product will guide participants through an evidence-based visualization process to create a vision for the future that will influence the way they live today.

Most vision exercises – vision boards, vision letters, etc. – only focus on our desired outcomes. Research shows that these exercises, without including a focus on the corresponding processes required to achieve those goals, do not increase our likelihood of success. The Ampelis Vision Letter follows an evidence-based approach to help clients reflect on not only the "whats" of their ideal future, but also the "hows."

Participants will be guided on a journey through a series of questions that follow the science of happiness (i.e., what leads to a happy and fulfilling life). These can be completed as quickly or slowly as client's prefer. When finished, each participant will receive a two-page Vision Letter that will serve as a powerful form of motivation, direction, and self-reflection. Wherever your employees or team members are on their journey, there’s no better time than now to help them start an intentional pursuit of the life they dream of.

Vision Letter

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Price: Custom for Groups

Customized quotes will be provided by an Ampelis team member based on the number of recipients from your team or organization and your desire to pair the Vision Letter with coaching.


Price: Custom for Groups

Awareness: Self-awareness Audit

"What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself." - Abraham Maslow

The Ampelis Self-awareness Audit is fundamentally different than traditional workplace 360s you may have been exposed to. It is perfect for executives, fathers, mothers, aspiring young adults, or anyone who desires greater awareness as a starting point to improve their life. 

The goal of this unique process is to help clients thrive in aspects of life that will lead to a richer and more meaningful way of living. Specifically, it involves family members, friends, co-workers, and anyone else who clients would like to receive feedback from - we call these people "allies." As opposed to anonymous feedback, this process will equip participants to be successful with important, supportive, and loving conversations with people they care about. Rather than creating suspicion from anonymous feedback, this process engenders trust, connection, and enhanced communication.

Clients and their allies will explore critical attributes in three areas: (1) Development of Self; (2) Relationships with Others; and (3) Cultivation of Spirituality. We take a strengths-based approach, recognizing both conscious strengths and potential self-awareness gaps.

At the conclusion of the process, clients will receive a comprehensive report that summarizes findings and gives them a more fully-informed foundation from which they can begin deliberate change efforts.

Report Only

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Price: $125

Digital self-assessment and ally-assessments to generate a comprehensive self-awareness report.

Price: $125

Report, Interviews, and Facilitated Discussions

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Price: $7,500

In addition to the assessment, a certified Ampelis coach will conduct interviews with allies and facilitate a live feedback session with the client and each of their allies.


Price: $7,500


"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.- African Proverb

Ampelis facilitates experiential offsites and workshops for groups, teams, and businesses. Topics center on principles of happiness, human performance, mindfulness, living a values-centered life, and other important topics to help participants be more intentional in their lives. Whether in sport, at work, or at home, our workshops are designed to help clients consistently perform at their very best. 

Workshops for Teams & Businesses

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Price: Custom

Customized quotes will be provided by an Ampelis team member. Pricing will depend on the desired scope which may include (1) location, (2) duration, and (3) the number of participants.


Price: Custom

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