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Braden Brown, Ph.D., LMFT

VP, Coaching & Counseling

Dr. Brown is a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) with nearly a decade of clinical mental health experience. He has a passion for helping others along their journey to cultivate their most meaningful lives and views his work with individuals, couples, and families as a sacred privilege and calling. “Dr. Brown’s humility, thoughtfulness, warmth, and congeniality truly distinguish him from others in the field. Rarely have I seen a clinician more gifted at demonstrating genuine empathy and compassion for people of diverse backgrounds with a range of presenting problems.” – Ph.D. Mentor

Dr. Brown graduated with a BS in Exercise and Wellness from Brigham Young University and later received an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy from Utah State University before earning a Ph.D. in Medical Family Therapy from East Carolina University.

As a competitive athlete for much of his life, Dr. Brown prides himself on being a team player and understands the importance of relationships and being a part of something bigger than oneself. Dr. Brown was a four-year letterman on BYU’s football team (Go Cougs!), played in all 52 games (TE/OT) of his career—tallying 41 starts (OT)—and was a key contributor to a team that finished with an overall record of 36-16. Following his BYU football career, Dr. Brown was invited to the 2013 NFL Combine and later signed a contract with the St. Louis Rams as an Un-drafted Free Agent (one credited season).

Before joining Ampelis, Dr. Brown was a Professor of Behavioral Science at Indiana University’s Family Medicine Residency. He is a published author in several academic journals and has presented at various local and national conferences. During his tenure as a Hoosier, Dr. Brown also served as the Director of Mental Health and Counseling Services for IUPUI Athletics, where he provided clinical mental health counseling services and mental skills training to student-athletes and coaches from 18 Division I varsity sports teams.

In his spare time, Dr. Brown finds fulfillment in weightlifting, home DIY projects, cooking, and creating memories with his wife, Rachel, and their three children—his most cherished accomplishments and greatest sources of joy.

Braden Brown, Ph.D., LMFT
Braden Brown, Ph.D., LMFT
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