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Ella Wright


Ella is thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to join the Ampelis team. In her role as a consultant, she collaborates with the Ampelis team to develop learning content, resources, tools, and workshops. She finds joy in being able to disseminate research, teachings, and insights that enhance individuals' capacity to cultivate skills in mental and physical health as well as relationships.

Her professional background encompasses corporate training and development, with a specialization in leadership development. Over the years, she has led teams and created strategies for onboarding, career advancement, performance evaluation, and other key touchpoints of the employee experience. This has given her the experience and ability to pinpoint what individuals need to think, hear, feel, and do to effect meaningful change and thrive.

Having earned her undergraduate degree in Communication Studies from UVU, she later completing her Master’s in Organizational Leadership from ASU. For her captsone project she crafted a conversation card deck, aimed at assisting leaders in conducting more effective one-on-one discussions with their teams. Her focus in academic and professional work have predominantly revolved around fostering meaningful conversations and effective communication.

While born and raised in Utah, she has developed a love for Indiana, where she resides with her husband, Dayton. They enjoy spending time cooking, running, traveling, and being out in nature, or finding a sports game to go to. She has a passion for continuous learning often through podcasts. She also likes to host gatherings, run with friends, thrift, hike, and aspires to one day successfully complete a home project in less than 6 months.

Ella Wright
Ella Wright
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