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Jesika Harmon

Director of Marketing, Meditation Coach

As a Sura Flow LIBERATE certified Meditation Coach Jesika has as a passion for helping others develop the tools of mindfulness to meet the challenges of life with peace and power. Jesika thrives by using these tools of mindfulness daily, and loves working 1x1 with clients, leading meditation groups, and teaching group workshops. She is thrilled to be a part of the Ampelis team in creating and teaching mindfulness content. 

Additionally, as an Honors graduate in English she directs the marketing efforts for Ampelis, working with marketing partners who can help tell the story of Ampelis for the world to find so they too can learn to live their beautiful, meaningful life.  

Jesika's favorite way to spend her time is with her husband Robbie (yes, the Robbie that is the President of Ampelis!) and their five children. Hiking, yoga, making and eating good food, sitting around the dinner table with people she loves, long walks with dear friends, reading, and grounding barefoot in her backyard grass or the dirt of a nearby mountain top, are some of the ways Jesika recharges and enjoys life. 

Jesika Harmon
Jesika Harmon
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