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Lon Henderson

Founder & CEO

Lon founded Ampelis on his philosophy that moral purpose and meaning are at the heart of happiness. He believes that there is a vital relationship between character strengths and virtues that lead to the “good life.” As an advocate of positive psychology and a believer in experiential learning, his vision is to help create a world where every individual and family has meaning in their lives. His goal at Ampelis is to help navigate individuals, families, and organizations in identifying, pursuing, and reinforcing that which provides meaning. Lon’s pursuit of meaning found in his marriage, family, and among the many friends that share this life, is what keeps Lon enthusiastically engaged every day!

Lon earned his bachelor’s degree in family finance and estate planning from BYU and his MBA from the BYU Marriott School of Management. He is also the Founder and past CEO of Soltis Investment Advisors, a nationally registered investment advisory firm, and is presently serving as Chairman of the Board. His background in entrepreneurship, portfolio asset management, and private equity has been focused on creating, building, and managing wealth so his partners, employees, and clients may pursue life’s most meaningful endeavors.

Lon and his wife, Carrie, have six children and twenty grandchildren. He enjoys adventures like flying, road and mountain biking, water and snow skiing, horseback riding, hiking, scuba diving, and traveling.

Lon Henderson
Lon Henderson
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