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Robbie Harmon


With a professional objective “to make significant contributions in the care of others”, Robbie has used his background in accounting, operations, strategy and business development to build healthcare businesses that disrupt and offer greater value to markets. Robbie brings knowledge and passion to the Ampelis team. He finds fulfillment using his expertise to create better ways for people to cultivate meaning in their lives and businesses. He is deeply invested in the Ampelis methodology and uses it daily within his own life to develop self, nurture relationships with others, and connect with the divine. As the President of Ampelis, Robbie spends his days serving clients and working with the team to design and implement Ampelis services.

Robbie graduated with his degree in accounting from Brigham Young University and later completed both a Master of Healthcare Administration and Master of Business Administration at the University of North Carolina. Before coming to Ampelis, Robbie served as a Regional Vice President at Surgical Care Affiliates (an Optum Company) responsible for strategy, operations and development in multiple markets across the United States.

As someone who loves to spend time outdoors – mountain biking, camping, skiing, horseback riding, and hiking – Robbie enjoys the experiential learning side of Ampelis. He can personally attest to the numerous benefits of being active in nature. When he isn’t working, Robbie and his wife, Jesika, spend time chasing their vision for life (and their five children) in and around their Utah home.

Robbie Harmon
Robbie Harmon
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