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Sarah Brown

Consultant & Coach, Ampelis Health

As a Consultant and Coach at Ampelis, Sarah finds great purpose and energy by helping others cultivate their meaningful life. Sarah plays an important role in creating “legendary experiences” for clients, research and development for our coaching curriculum, training other coaches at Ampelis Health, and actively supporting clients in their ongoing pursuit of meaning.

Sarah graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor’s of psychology with an emphasis in Positive Psychology and human sciences. Some of her research explored how the brain is impacted with addiction. She developed a passion for understanding how psychology and health are related. Sarah’s ongoing training includes certifications in positive  and coaching through the School of Positive Psychology.

Sarah’s greatest joy is her family. As a busy mother of three, she spends as much time as possible in nature with her three little boys. She loves to go on adventures and explore the world with her favorite person, her husband Jake. Sarah has a deep love for soccer, skiing, hiking, weight training, and “strollerblading”- rollerblading while her little boys bike and ride in a stroller on trails. Sarah is devoted to continually developing the relationships that mean the most to her and laughing with those she loves.

Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown
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